Future Team Journey for Associations




The Future Team Journey is an 18-month process of three 6-month phases for your entire team.

Through a combination of all-day virtual conferences, monthly cohort coaching calls, one-on-one consulting, and direct access to our SBC Association Navigator, we will guide your team through an interactive process to design what’s next for your Association.

Participation is limited to 40 Associations per wave to allow for effective interaction between Association teams and the Denominee Navigators.

NAMB is picking up 50% of the cost, which makes the investment less than sending your team members to an annual conference.

The next wave of the Future Team Journey for Associations is scheduled to begin in August, 2022. Spots are already filling up, so let us know now if you’re interested.

Each 6-month phase of the Future Team Journey includes …

An all-day virtual conference

with rich content, breakout sessions, Q&A, and virtual networking. It’s recorded to watch on demand if you can’t be present for the live event.

Six interactive cohort coaching video calls

with fresh content and close-up coaching. Each 90-minute call achieves specific milestones, prioritizes team collaboration, and facilitates peer learning among Associations.

A live, on-demand regional consulting workshop

when at least seven Associations jointly host a one-day event.

One-on-one consulting right where you are

will host after-parties and one-on-one sessions at events association leaders already attend (the SBC convention, SBCAL, AIM, NAMB events, and more).

Access to Chris Reinolds, SBC Association Navigator

between sessions via email and phone, as well as the rest of the Denominee team.

Tell us you’re interested to find out more.

We’d love to chat with you and answer any questions you have about the process. Spots in the next wave are already filling up, so tell us you’re interested today.