The Cloud & Box Paradigm Tool

The Denominee One Day Experience introduces you and your team to the Denominee tool box and approach. The focus of the One Day is the Cloud & Box paradigm tool, which is foundational to understanding the core purpose of denominations and networks.

By the end of the day, you and your team will begin to reimagine how you can bring value to the churches in your network and ignite fresh momentum. You’ll have a new paradigm to use in evaluating your current relationship with the churches and leaders you serve, which always leads to new ideas and strategies.

The full Denominee Future Team Process delivers a completed plan for developing a whole new operating system for your denomination or network. The One Day Experience will equip your team with new questions and a new perspective that will reshape the way you approach everything you do. The One Day doesn’t lead you to answers … it leads you to better questions that give you a much clearer picture of your current reality.

What Can We Expect?

The Denominee One Day is an interactive, collaborative team setting facilitated by our experienced Navigators.

Designed to be flexible so that it can accommodate from 6-80 participants, the One Day includes times of teaching, discussion, individual exercises, and collaboration. This combination of elements delivers a high-quality learning environment where concepts are not only taught, they become integrated into the fabric of your team.

The concepts of the Cloud & Box paradigm tool will forever change your team’s vocabulary and perspective about the ultimate value denomination/network leaders provide to the churches they serve. If your team is even a little bit fuzzy about the key value you currently deliver to the churches in your network or unclear if the value you provide is what your churches need … the Denominee One Day Experience is for you.

Self-assessment is the first action requirement of leadership: the constant resharpening, constant refocusing, never being really satisfied.