A New Paradigm for the Local Church

The church in North America is on the precipice of another monumental shift. If churches and church leaders don’t make a significant shift in both paradigm and practice, churches will continue to decrease in size, influence, and kingdom impact. Too many churches are attempting to move into tomorrow using the strategies and paradigms of yesterday, which are increasingly ineffective in multiplying disciples of Jesus.

At the same time, many denominations and networks struggle to deliver consistent value to the churches and church leaders they serve. The financial support that churches supply to denominations and networks can sometimes become directly dependent on the perceived value the church and its leaders receive from being connected to a larger entity. When that perceived value is low, more and more churches are making the decision to reduce the funds they send to their denomination.

While churches are operating on a model developed in the past, denominations and networks are doing the same. We need to shift our models—at both the local and denominational/network levels—to reignite the power of effective strategies that churches and denominations/networks design together.

That’s why Denominee exists. We want to forge a new future together for the church in North America so that we more closely embody the movement Jesus started … making each of us more effective for His kingdom.

Denominee is a part of the Future Church Company, which is three interconnected organizations that exists to help the church embody the movement Jesus founded.

Three facets make up the church of today—individuals, local churches, and networks/denominations. Future Church Co. contains three organizations, each intentionally designed to serve one of these three facets of the church. Each of these organizations—Younique, Pivvot, and Denominee—deliver practical tools and interactive processes that empower followers of Jesus to design the future.

“One of the things that differentiates humans from anything else in creation is our ability to imagine a future that’s different.” 

co-founder of Future Church Co.